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Global Business Creation Games

Co-Creation of Enterprise for Problems Worth Solving

DECEMBER 14-15, 2011 Aalto University, Espoo, Finland

There is research that produces new materials, devices and drugs, even symphonies. Business studies have traditionally produced less concrete outcomes. In Science of Business Administration, enterprises are typically investigated from the outside, via interviews, surveys, statistical analyses. In Art of Business Creation, coined by GVL Finland, enterprises are investigated from within, by doing. Aimed at co-creation of globally scalable products, global enterprises, and entire enabling ecosystems, the Art supplements the Science, and the classic quest for generalization and repeatability.

The call for higher impact of business research and education is underscored by the Big Problems. Climate change and related concerns for energy, food and water, topped with inequality and poverty, all constitute for Problems Worth Solving. Co-creation of global enterprises dedicated to such problems requires a new breed of entrepreneurs, academicians, and policy makers.

Enabling all this is a new demanding, exciting, and worthwhile, global game. Letís play the game!



The EBRF 2011 Conference Proceedings is published.

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Feedback for EBRF 2011

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